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Healing Lotus Mandala stickers

Stickers with Colorful Animal Designs to Decorate With

These unique stickers are perfect for decorating or collecting.  Use them to liven up on notebooks, binders, and pencil boxes. These stickers come in many unique and colorful animal designs, including psychedelic art, fantasy creatures, and vibrant mandalas.  Choose from dozens of colorful artwork, including wolves, peacocks, dragons, dogs, cats, lions, tigers, owls, foxes, phoenix birds, and many more.  There is something for everyone! Most of my designs work best on the square shape, with a few designs like mandalas looking good on the circle.

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Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Artist

In this article I will cover the pros and cons of being a freelance artist.  A freelance artist is one who is self-employed as an independent contractor, as opposed to one who works for a company.  Being a freelance artist can be difficult and is often more work than simply working for a company.

For most freelance artists, they must create their own business model.  Some only take commissions, while others rely on the sale of their original art or prints.  The best model is a combination of both, especially for those just starting out. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working for yourself as an artist.

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Healing Lotus Mandala keychain

Colorful Acrylic Keychains to Hold your Keys in Style

Keep your keys safe and together with these stylish and colorful keychains! These acrylic keychains feature many unique and colorful artworks, including psychedelic animals, vibrant mandalas and fantasy creatures. Choose from dozens of designs, including wolves, dragons, peacocks, chameleons, phoenix birds, dogs, cats, lions, tigers, foxes, owls, and many more.  My designs are available for purchase on many of these style options within my Zazzle store.  These keychains make the perfect gift for anyone, and also make great party favors!

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Colorful Magnets to Decorate your Fridge

Dress up your fridge door with colorful magnets. I have my designs available on magnets in my Zazzle Store. They are a fun and affordable way to collect my designs.  It is like having a mini art gallery on your fridge.  These magnets feature many unique and colorful designs, including  psychedelic animal artwork, vibrant mandalas, and fantasy creatures.  Choose from dozens of design options, including wolves, dragons, phoenix birds, dogs, cats, lions, tigers, peacocks, chameleons, foxes, and so many more.  There is something for everyone, and these make fantastic gifts and stocking stuffers.

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Beautiful Throw Blankets to Decorate Your Home

Add some color to your home decor with these colorful and comfortable throw blankets!  Blankets can be found among the many home decor products in my online store on Zazzle. These beautiful and unique blankets feature unique and colorful artwork, including psychedelic animals, vibrant mandalas, and fantasy creatures. Choose from dozens of designs including wolves, peacocks, chameleons, dragons, phoenix birds, dogs, cats, lions, tigers, foxes, owls, and many more.  There is something for everyone, and these make excellent gifts!

The throw blankets are 54″ x 38″ with a woven polyester/cotton blend fabric with a brown fringe.  The design is printed on one side, with the other being a solid neutral brown.  It is recommended to hand wash the throw blanket. Clicking on an image below will take you to that product page.

As with all of Zazzle’s products, these blankets are 100% customizable.  You can purchase the blankets as is, or you can add your own personal touch by adding text or your own photos.

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