Colorful Unique Designs on T-shirts and Clothing

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These colorful, comfortable t-shirts will make you the envy of your friends!  They will all ask you where you got it, because they want one themselves. These colorful, unique shirts make wonderful gifts.  My original artwork designs are available on a wide array of clothing options in my Zazzle Store.

Zazzle has dozens clothing options in men’s, women’s, children’s and baby clothing, including the following products: T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, ringer shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, raglan shirts, 3/4 sleeve shirts, fleece zip joggers, sleeveless shirts, and more.  They are available in hundreds of color choices, including dark colors and light colors.  They are available in multiple sizes ranging from small to 4XL in adult sizes, and youth sizes ranging from XS to XL.  Toddler sizes are from 2T to 7T.  Baby sizes are from newborn to 24 month.  Size options can vary with the style of clothing chosen.

Browse the designs below.  Clicking on an image will take you to the product page. Please keep in mind that the colors here are examples only.  Every shirt has hundreds of options for color and style on the website. Click Here to see a complete listing of all of my clothing designs.

If there is a design of mine that you wish to see on a T-shirt that it is not currently available, please Contact Me and I can make that happen!

Colorful Black Cat with Green Eyes T-Shirt

Colorful Black Cat with Green Eyes

Colorful Rottweiler Dog T-Shirt

Colorful Rottweiler Dog

Colorful Winter Arctic Fox T-Shirt

Winter Arctic Fox

Colorful Siamese Cat T-Shirt

Colorful Siamese Cat

Light in the Rainforest Colorful Jaguar T-Shirt

Light in the Rainforest Colorful Jaguar

Colorful African Lion T-Shirt

Colorful African Lion

Rainbow Cat Portrait T-Shirt

Rainbow Cat

Colorful Red Fox T-Shirt

Colorful Red Fox

Colorful Rainbow Pug Dog T-Shirt

Pug Dog

Colorful Boston Terrier Dog T-Shirt

Boston Terrier

Colorful Brindle Boxer Dog T-Shirt

Brindle Boxer Dog

Colorful Leopard Portrait T-Shirt


Wolf Aurora Colorful Blue Green Wolves T-Shirt

Wolf Aurora

Colorful Welsh Corgi Dog T-Shirt

Welsh Corgi Dog

Colorful Labrador Retriever Dog T-Shirt

Labrador Retriever

Colorful Bengal Tiger T-Shirt

Bengal Tiger

Colorful Border Collie Dog T-Shirt

Border Collie Dog

Colorful Chihuahua Dog T-Shirt

Chihuahua Dog

Colorful Golden Retriever Dog T-Shirt

Golden Retriever

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog T-Shirt

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Colorful Pitbull Terrier Dog T-Shirt

Pitbull Terrier

Colorful Westie Dog White Terrier T-Shirt

West Highland White Terrier

Colorful German Shepherd Dog T-Shirt

German Shepherd Dog

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Tiger T-shirt

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Tiger

Celtic Horse T-Shirt

Celtic Horse

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Cutout T-Shirt

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Cutout

Purple Fish Spiral Celtic Mandala T-shirt

Purple Fish Spiral Celtic Mandala

Chinese Dragon Cutout T-Shirt

Chinese Dragon Cutout

Psychedelizard T-shirt


Dragon Seven Spirals T-Shirt

Dragon Seven Spirals Mandala

Tribal dolphin T-Shirt

Tribal Dolphins

Inner Strength Psychedelic Spiral Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Inner Strength Psychedelic Spiral Tie-Dye

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rat T-Shirt

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rat

Colorful French Bulldog Pet Portrait Dog T-Shirt

Colorful French Bulldog

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Ox t-shirt

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Ox

Chinese Phoenix & Dragon Mandala T-shirt

Chinese Phoenix & Dragon Mandala

Singha T-Shirt

Singha Winged Lion

Psychedelic Wolf T-Shirt

Psychedelic Wolf

Healing Lotus Men's T-Shirt

Healing Lotus

Epiphany Psychedelic Dragons Mandala T-Shirt

Epiphany Psychedelic Dragons Mandala

Tribal Dolphin dark T-Shirt

Tribal Dolphins

Seahorse Triskele Celtic Mandala T-shirt

Seahorse Triskele Celtic Mandala

Colorful Miniature Schnauzer Dog T-Shirt

Colorful Miniature Schnauzer


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