Monthly Archives: March 2017

Colorful Unique Designs on T-shirts and Clothing

These colorful, comfortable t-shirts will make you the envy of your friends!  They will all ask you where you got it, because they want one themselves. These colorful, unique shirts make wonderful gifts.  My original artwork designs are available on a wide array of clothing options in my Zazzle Store.

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Seller Guide for Artists: How To Be Successful on Zazzle

Zazzle is a type of online store known as a print-on-demand store.  What this means is that artists and photographers can upload their images to Zazzle, and sell products with their designs.  Print-on-demand stores typically sell prints, home decor products, and other gifts.  These stores allow designers to sell products with their images without having to worry about maintaining inventory, handling orders, and shipping, while still being able to make money off of their designs.

This article will discuss Zazzle and give information about the store for sellers.  You can be successful selling products on Zazzle.

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Celtic Horse – New Artwork Available as Prints

New artwork in the Colorful Animals Gallery: “Celtic Horse“.  This is painted with acrylic paints on Ampersand pastelbord, 11″ x 14”.  Basically just for fun. I chose to use a a limited color palette, a blue monochrome color scheme.  I layered different shades of blue and blended the edges together.  I wanted the colors to blend together to give it a soft, dreamlike effect.

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New Artwork March 2017

Hey everyone!  I have not been doing a good job keeping up with updating the Blog whenever I add a new image.  I have had a few new artworks in the past couple of months, and I will post them here for your viewing pleasure!  You can also see these in my Gallery.  All of these drawings are commissions for other people, and thus are not available to purchase as a print.

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