About The Artist

I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself via this blog.  My name is Rebecca Wang, and I currently live in Texas. I am a traditional artist who works with colored pencils and pastel pencils to create colorful animal and fantasy drawings.

Inspiration and Style

My inspirations come from animals and nature, Celtic and Asian art, mandalas, and psychedelic art.  I like to blend many styles into my own unique style.  I have the ability to do realism, semi-realistic fantasy, and more abstract styles.  I enjoy drawing wildlife portraits, psychedelic art, mandalas, and fantasy such as dragons and Asian mythological creatures.  I love drawing with full-saturation vibrant colors in the full spectrum. I am most well known for my psychedelic-style animals, but my realistic animals and fantasy creatures are also popular.  A popular motif in my artwork is spirals and golden outlines.

I also am currently drawing label designs for Organicville/Sky Valley Foods.  The label designs are for their international sauces and their organic sodas.  I have been designing their labels since 2013.

Art Tools

I currently prefer to work with colored pencils (Prismacolors) and pastel pencils (Derwent, Conté à Paris, and Koh-i-noor Gioconda).  Pastels are very fast to work with, but they are messy.  The nice thing is they can be corrected easily and work very well in layers.  These are best for realism and fantasy drawings.  Colored pencils are great for detailed work and when I want many vibrant colors very close to one another.  These are best for my psychedelic drawings.  I occasionally draw with my graphite pencil set, especially for sketches and practice drawings.  I have drawn with pen and ink.  I will sometimes break out the markers (Prismacolors and Sharpies, mostly) and gel pens (I love Sakura gelly rolls!).   My paper mostly consists of Strathmore drawing pads, Ampersand pastel boards, and Art Spectrum colourfix pastel paper.   I will rarely work with watercolors, I just never got the hang of it.  I am very detail oriented and prefer to have maximum control over my drawing implements, and watercolor tends to just do what it wants.  In the past, I used to paint a lot with acrylics, and even did some sculpture.


I do not have any gallery at this time.  I modified the formal dining room in our house to be a “studio”, my office with my computer plus my drawing table and art tools and materials.   Nothing fancy, just a converted draft table with a pencil holder and paper stop at the bottom, and two adjustable floor lamps for light.  I store my artist supplies such as pencils in a large plastic drawer storage cart.  I have several large paper pads, and several large plastic portfolios to keep my finished works.

Art Motto

My motto when it comes to art is: draw what you like, if other people like it, that is great.  If it sells, that is even better!  I am not good at following trends or trying to draw what is popular or what I know will sell.  I draw what I love, whatever I feel inspired to draw.  If others like it that is great, but if they don’t it honestly does not bother me.  The hardest thing about being an artist is trying to distance yourself from what other people think, and to just do your art.

Feel free to ask me any questions!  I love hearing from my fans!