Zazzle Store – Postage Stamps

Zazzle has a unique offering of products that you cannot find in any other print-on-demand store online.  One of their most exclusive is their USPS-approved postage stamps.  These fully-customizable stamps allow you to create beautiful one-of-a-kind postage to put on envelopes and postcards.

These colorful stamps come in twelve different denominations, with each one also having three different sizes.  The small size is 1.8″ wide x 1.3″ tall, the medium is 2.1″ wide by 1.3″ tall, and the large is 2.5″ wide by 1.5″ tall.  You can purchase these stamps as is and use them as colorful postage, or you can add your own text and photos to truly personalize your stamps.

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