Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice

All artwork and images on this website, unless otherwise credited, are © Rebecca Wang, Psychedelic Zen.  All rights reserved.  The use of any image on this website is prohibited unless written permission from the artist is obtained. All of my images are registered with the United States Copyright Office, and are protected by international copyright law.

The artwork herein may not be copied or distributed in any manner (electronic, web or printed) without the prior written consent of Rebecca Wang. Contact Me for permission to use my images.

Sharing on Social Media

Please feel free to share my stuff on social media (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc).  I have share buttons on every page and post so please feel free to use them!   All I ask is that you do not change the description or link (URL) in the shared media.  It must link back to the page it came from.

Using My Images on Websites and Blogs

Please Contact Me for permission to use my images on your website or blog.  I will almost always give permission.  However, in order to use my images on your website or blog, you must provide attribution and a link back to either my main website or to the individual page it same from.  An example of attribution is: “Psychedelic Wolf by artist Rebecca Wang of  Link here:” or something similar. But ask me for permission first.

However, I do not allow my images to be displayed in image galleries or on “free wallpaper websites” or similar places. I also prefer that my artwork not be used for icons or avatars, or as backgrounds for websites.

Commercial Use

You must Contact Me for permission if you want to use my images for any commercial reason.  This includes, but is not limited to: products (t-shirts, stickers, etc), website logos and banners, album covers, software logos, label designs, sports team logos, and any other commercial use.

If you like my drawings and you want me to design for you, please send me an e-mail.