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Psychedelic Zen Designs on Zazzle – iPad Cases and Covers

Psychedelic Wolf Savvy iPad CaseMy original artwork designs can be found on iPad cases and covers available through my Zazzle Store.  They are currently available in two options: a hard plastic case and a foldable smart cover.  As with all Zazzle products, these cases are 100% customizable. You can purchase them as-is for a unique colorful art case, or add your own text and photos for a personalized touch.

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Psychedelic Zen Designs on Zazzle – Water Bottles

Pisces Fish Yin Yang Water Bottle Quench your thirst in style with these sleek colorful water bottles featuring my original designs!  These customizable bottles from Zazzle come in two different styles, both available in my Online Store.  You can purchase the bottle as is for a unique and colorful piece of drinkware, or you can add your own text and message for a personalized touch.

The Stainless Steel bottles come in two sizes: 24oz and 18oz, and 11 different colors!  They are made from 18/8 stainless steel, and are 100% BPA free.  They come with a threaded plastic screw-top lid.  They are durable, crack proof and spill proof. 

The colorful Tumbler bottles have a design that wraps all the way around top to bottom.  They hold 12 oz of liquid in a vacuum sealed, double walled stainless steel container that keeps your hot drink hot and your cold drink cold.  They have a snap-top lid and padded bottom. Continue reading

Psychedelic Zen Designs on Zazzle – Luggage Tags

What better way to make sure your luggage bag is easily spotted in the airport baggage claim than to use a unique luggage tag?  When you see your bag rolling down the conveyor belt with one of these luggage tags attached to it, there will be no doubt it is yours!  My colorful and original artwork adorns these sturdy plastic tags for a functional piece of art, which can be found in my Zazzle Store.

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Psychedelic Zen Designs on Zazzle – Wall Decals

Inner Strength Tiger Mandala Wall DecalWall Decals are a nice alternative to traditional wall art such as posters and canvas prints.  They are printed on high quality self-adhesive fabric paper.  The wall decal is able to be moved multiple times and still stick to the surface.  These decals are ideal when you want to decorate your walls without putting a lot of holes in them.  With these decals, there is no need for frames or nails.

These wall decals come in hundreds of different shapes, and three different sizes.  For my own artwork, a simple shape like a circle, square, or rectangle looks best.  But you are free to choose whatever shape you wish!  The more abstract designs, such as the Healing Lotus mandala, look great on almost any shape.

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Psychedelic Zen Designs on Zazzle – Mousepads

Psychedelic Rainbow Owl MousepadGive your mouse something to look at with a mousepad from Zazzle featuring my colorful original artwork!  They are made of a dust and stain-resistant high quality cloth over a non-slip backing. The mousepads come in two configurations: vertical and horizontal.  My designs can be found on both styles.  They measure 9.25″ x 7.75″.  These colorful mousepads can liven up your office or make a great gift!

As with all of Zazzl’es products, these mousepads are 100% customizable.  The customer can add text and images if they choose.  Or buy it as is for a unique mousepad work of art!

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Psychedelic Zen Designs on Zazzle – Laptop Sleeves

Chinese Dragon Laptop SleeveZazzle has a great selection of laptop sleeves.  One of their most popular is their neoprene laptop sleeve.  It comes in three sizes: 10 inch, 13 inch and 15 inch.  It is made with 100% neoprene, which is lightweight and water resistant.  It has a top-loading design with a zippered closure.  These cases are form-fitting, so they are ideal for slim laptops, notebook computers, and tablets.  Their laptop sleeves are offered with the ability to print on one side only.  As with all of Zazzle’s products, these laptop sleeves are 100% customizable.  This means you can add your own text and pictures to an existing product.  Or buy it as-is and protect your laptop with a unique work of art!

I have most of my recent designs available as laptop sleeves.  You can see the different designs below, or click here see all of the laptop sleeves available in my online store!

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Psychedelic Zen Designs on Zazzle – Mugs

Zazzle has a fantastic selection of coffee mugs!   You can find just about anything you are looking for in their variety of products!  Their standard mugs are found in 7 styles and with many having multiple color and size choices.   They also have other styles of mugs, even mason jars.  I have many of my designs available as mugs in my Zazzle Store.

As with all Zazzle products, these mugs are 100% customizable.  The customer has the ability to add text and their own photos.  Or you can purchase the mug as-is and enjoy sipping tea or coffee from a mug featuring my artwork!

Please browse the designs below.  Clicking on an image will take you to the product page.  Or click here to see my entire collection of Mugs available.

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Psychedelic Zen Designs on Zazzle – Stickers

These sturdy stickers would be a colorful, bold addition to any notebook, scrapbook, or countless other projects!  Stickers come in 7 different shapes:

Most of my artwork would look best on the square, with a few designs like mandalas looking good on the circle.  A few designs would look fine with the rectangle.  However, I left all of the options open just in case the customer wants a different shape.

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Psychedelic Zen Designs on Zazzle – Keychains

Zazzle has a huge selection of keychains.  As of the writing of this article, there are currently 17 styles to choose from!  My designs are available for purchase on many of these style options within my store.  The keychains can be grouped into 5 major categories based on style.

As with all products on Zazzle, these keychains are 100% customizable.  You can choose to purchase them as is, and have a colorful piece of original art as your keychain, or you can personalize it by adding text and/or a picture.

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Psychedelic Zen Designs on Zazzle – Magnets

Zazzle has a great selection of high quality magnets.  I have my designs available on magnets in my online store. As of the time of writing, they have three styles of magnets in their store: standard refrigerator magnet, flexible photo magnet, and stone magnet. These magnets are a fun and affordable way to collect my designs!  It is like having a mini art gallery on your fridge.

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