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Colorful Metal Water Bottles to Keep your Water Cool!

Pisces Fish Yin Yang Water Bottle

Pisces Fish Yin Yang Water Bottle

Quench your thirst in style with these sleek colorful water bottles featuring my original designs!  These customizable bottles from Zazzle come in two different styles, both available in my Online Store.

You can purchase the bottle as is for a unique and colorful piece of drinkware, or you can add your own text and message for a personalized touch.

The Stainless Steel bottles come in two sizes: 24oz and 18oz, and 11 different colors!  They are made from 18/8 stainless steel, and are 100% BPA free.  They come with a threaded plastic screw-top lid. They are durable, crack proof and spill proof.

The colorful Tumbler bottles have a design that wraps all the way around top to bottom.  They hold 12 oz of liquid in a vacuum sealed, double walled stainless steel container that keeps your hot drink hot and your cold drink cold.  They have a snap-top lid and padded bottom.

Buy one or collect them all!  These make the perfect gift for friends and family!  These sturdy bottles are essentially a functional piece of art.  My colorful and original designs are printed with high quality full color inks, and the metallic surface really makes the colors pop!

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