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Website Is Finally Mobile-Ready!

After much work and trial and error, I finally got my website to be mobile-friendly.  So it is now ready for the 21st century!

I have recently been adding a lot of features to my website that were missing, such as a blog, RSS feed, shopping cart, and fixing the layout so finally the website will be fully functional and modern.  Website design takes a lot of time and patience if you are doing it by yourself.  Most companies hire someone to make and maintain a website for them, and many artists use an out-of-the-box site like WordPress to display their artwork online.  I opted for the much more difficult path of doing it by myself, and while this takes much more time, I have learned a ton and am able to get the website to look exactly as I want it to.

The upside to all of this is that I have learned a lot about CSS, and feel much more comfortable with it than I had in the past.  I also had to learn a bunch of new HTML  tags, since markup has changed significantly since I first started to play with HTML in my text editor many years ago.  I found the W3 School website to be particularly helpful.

I would appreciate feedback.  If anyone has any suggestions about how I can make my website better, either by changing the layout or adding sections, etc, please let me know!  I would also appreciate feedback about how it looks on mobile, if the layout is ok or if there are any problems.