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Psychedelic Zen Designs on Zazzle – Buttons

One of Zazzle’s more popular items is the pin-on metal button.  I have almost all of my designs on buttons in my Zazzle Store.  The round buttons come in 5 sizes: Small 1 1/4″, Standard 2″, Large 3″, Huge 4″, and Colossal 6″.  They also come in a square option which only comes as the standard 2″ size.  Pin-on buttons are great for a piece of flair, as you can pin them to just about anything: clothing, jackets, bookbags, tote bags, anything!   And what is more, as with all of Zazzle’s products, these buttons are 100% customizable.  So you can purchase them as is and enjoy a colorful design, or add your own text or picture.

As usual, if there is a design of mine that you want to see on a button, that is not currently on one, please Contact Me and I can make that happen!

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