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6 Artists I Admire Who Create Colorful Work

Psychedelic FractalThere are many artists who, over the years, have influenced my art, and whose art I admire greatly.  These following artists I consider to be the master of their styles.  Some of these artists I have been fans of for many years, others I have only discovered more recently.  All of their art resonates with me on a spiritual level.  The artists on this page have a variety of styles, ranging from realism, to abstract, and cover a wide range of subjects.  What unites them is their use of vibrant, full saturation color and geometric forms in their work.

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8 Wildlife Realism Artists I Admire

There are many traditional artists who inspire me and whom I admire.  These artists are the masters of wildlife realism.  They have incredible skill, and their artworks show great depth of knowledge for anatomy and proportion such that their subjects look very photo realistic.  They employ wonderful details of feathers and fur, depth of highlight and shadow, and expressive faces.  Even though all of these artists draw or paint similar subjects, they all have their own unique style.  Some of these artists are world renowned and well known, and others are less well known but just as skilled.  Many of these amazing artists are self taught, and do not have a formal art degree.  I hope one day to be as great as these masters.

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