Seahorse Triskele

Seahorse Triskele

Seahorse Triskele Celtic Mandala by Rebecca Wang,

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Seahorse Mandala with a trio of seahorses in a Celtic triskele (or triskelion) pattern, in blue and aqua tones. A triskele is a motif of three interlocking spirals which has rotational symmetry. Triskelion is the Greek word for “three-legged”, and is the symbol for Sicily, the Isle of Man, Brittany, and other cultures throughout the world. Although the symbol first appeared long before the Celtic people, it is often associated with the Celts.

Prismacolor colored pencils and markers on Strathmore blue tinted paper, 19″ x 25″. Date: 09.04.2006.

© Rebecca Wang, All Rights Reserved. This image may not be used in any manner without explicit permission from the artist.

Available for Purchase as an Art Print, Home Decor, T-shirts and More.