Psychedelic Wolf

Psychedelic Wolf

Psychedelic Wolf by Rebecca Wang,

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Psychedelic Wolf drawn with Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore drawing paper, 12″ x 12″.  Drawn on 02/24/2008.  A different kind of wolf portrait! A psychedelic rainbow wolf, done in a trippy abstract style with bright full-saturation colors.

© Rebecca Wang, All Rights Reserved. This image may not be used in any manner without explicit permission from the artist.

Inspired by traditional wolf portraits done with loud and vivid colors, this drawing was originally intended to be more realistic but took on a life of its own. The wolf itself is drawn in a realistic style, as far as anatomy and proportions.  However, the colors are full saturation and full-spectrum.  I broke up the inside of the form of the wolf into small line-like sections and colored each section a different color, being careful not to have two sections with the same color being next to each other.  When possible, I tried to use complementary (opposite) colors next to each other to give vibrancy and movement.  Even through the wolf is drawn in rainbow colors, the general tones (lightness and darkness) of each area corresponds to the similar tone in real wolf colors, which can be seen more clearly when the image is set to greytone.

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