Light in the Rainforest – Jaguar

"Light in the Rainforest - Jaguar" acrylic painting by Rebecca Wang.

“Light in the Rainforest – Jaguar” acrylic painting by Rebecca Wang.

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A glowing forest spirit in the shape of a jaguar emerges from the jungle, stopping to glance at a passerby. Painted with acrylic paints on board, 11″ x 14″, completed February 6, 2019. A portrait of a jaguar (Panthera onca) in bright vibrant rainbow colors. The areas of the fur that are normally orange-tan are represented here by bright warm colors (red, orange, yellow). The spots are represented by cool colors, such as blue, purple, and green, with magenta. This jaguar is lit from the side and behind with an intense light source, which also gives it that glowing effect. The background is a mixture of yellow, green and blue, representing the colors of the rainforest flora.

Available for Purchase as an Art Print, Canvas Prints, Home Decor, Cell Phone Case and More.