Fantasy and Mythological Artwork

Fantasy and Mythological Artwork

Asian Mythological Creatures and Stylized Animals

Welcome to the gallery for Fantasy and Mythological Artwork.  This gallery includes various fantasy-style artwork and stylized animal drawings.   Currently this gallery contains artwork across various styles and subjects that really do not fit anywhere else.   I love to draw a variety of things. As a result, this gallery is a mixture of various styles and subjects.  Once my portfolio increases, this gallery will be broken down into smaller galleries.

In this gallery you will find Asian mythological creatures, such as Chinese Dragons, Phoenix Birds, and similar creatures.  Winged wolves and other creatures can be found here as well.  In addition, you will find stylized animals in the gallery.  These include drawings like the Celtic Horse, Pisces Fish and Tribal Dolphins, which all have very distinct and different styles.

Available as Prints

Almost all of these designs (with the exception of the Mehndi Elephant) are available as art prints and other products through my online stores.  Please click on the SHOP link above in the menu to see the products I have available in my shop for each design.   I also have these designs available in my online stores (such as Zazzle, Society6, and Redbubble).  Each store has different products available.  If you are looking for something specific, please Contact Me.