Epiphany by Rebecca Wang, http://www.psychedeliczen.com

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It is in the journey, not the destination, where enlightenment is found. A psychedelic mandala with fish and dragons. Three groups of four rainbow colored fish form a Celtic triskelion at the center of this colorful mandala. They are accompanied by spirals of red, yellow and blue. Surrounding them are three Chinese dragons in greens and blues, spiraling out of the mandala. They are surrounded by a border of golden links. Outside is a background of rainbow colored dragon scales.

This colorful mandala is based loosely on the Chinese mythical tale of the koi fish who became a dragon. The myth goes that in China, a school of golden koi fish were swimming upstream in the Yellow River. The koi fish reached a waterfall at the end of the river. One of the koi fish managed to swim up the waterfall, and in doing so was rewarded for his perseverance by being turned into a great dragon.

Drawn with Prismacolor colored pencils on cardstock, Date: 03.30.2006.

© Rebecca Wang, http://www.psychedeliczen.com. All Rights Reserved. This image may not be used in any manner without explicit permission from the artist.

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