Commissioned Designs

Corporate Commissioned Designs

Commissions for Companies, Label Designs

Welcome to the gallery for Commissioned Designs.  Although I have commissions elsewhere in my galleries, this gallery is specific for corporate designs.  The current designs in this gallery are for a company called Organicville.  My designs are for the labels on their Sky Valley line of organic international sauces and Sky Valley organic sodas.  While the theme for these label designs are mostly stylized animals, there are some more fantasy-style designs.  The animal designs give a unique personality to the labels which sets them apart from the competition.  Many customers love the animal designs on the labels. The colorful animals draw their attention and makes them want to try the product. 

It is really fun drawing these designs, as I never know what to expect.  It is within my comfort zone for the most part, since they are all animals.  But the majority of these are animals that I have never drawn before, which provides me with a bit of a challenge.   The commissioner had various requirements for each animal as well.  As a result, some of the animal designs are relatively straight forward and realistically drawn, and others are more stylized with embellishments and bright colors.