Commission Information

Commission Information

I am currently accepting commissions.  I will do private commissions such as pet portraits, as well as corporate and commercial commissions such as label designs and book covers.


Addie the Rottweiler

I am capable of a variety of subjects, ranging from fantasy, animals, nature, people, landscape, still life, abstract and geometric.  However, I am most well-known for my colorful portraits of animals drawn in realistic style.

I also do pet portraits! I can create a colorful and fully customized portrait of your pet.  With vibrant rainbow colors and bold pencils strokes, your pet’s personality will shine through!  My style blends realistic anatomy and proportions with bold color to create one-of-a-kind artwork of your beloved pet.  Whether your friend is furry, feathered or scaled, I can paint them all!  Although most of my portraits so far are cats and dogs, I am capable and willing to paint any animal species and breed.  Cats, dogs, horses, birds, reptiles, pocket pets, and more.

I am capable of drawing multiple subjects in one drawing.  However, this is only available for larger sizes.  Typical pet portraits include a single portrait of your choice, and an abstract background.  However, these portraits are customizable by you!  During the process, you will receive updates from me.

Reference Photos for Pet Portraits

For pet portraits, I can work with just about any photo.  I understand most people do not have professional studio quality photographs of their pets.  Most people take quick snapshots with their cellphones or even a small point and shoot camera.  As a result, many photos of our pets are slightly out of focus or maybe don’t have the best lighting.  And after they are gone, we do not have the opportunity to take more pictures.

Because of this, especially for memorial pet portraits, I am willing to work with whatever photos you have of your pet.  As long as it is not too blurry or dark, I am able to transform them into a beloved painted memorial of your pet.  Please keep in mind, however, that the better the picture quality, the better details the portrait will have.  The more photos that you have of your pet that I can use as a reference, the better!

Materials Used

Rocky the Cane Corso

Pastels –  I use pastel pencils on pastelmat, which is a board that is treated with a special surface to hold many layers of pastel.  I fix the artwork with a spray fixative. They ship unframed to you.  However, these paintings are delicate and will smear easily, even with the protective spray.  They do need to be framed as soon as possible, with at least one mat surrounding it so the painting does not touch the glass directly.

The advantage of pastel paintings is that they can have a lot of fine detail like fur. However, they are more time consuming than acrylic paintings.

Acrylic Painting – I can also do an acrylic painting on stretched canvas. These paintings can be done in any size, and are sealed with a varnish to protect the painting. This has a distinct advantage over pastel in that they are shipped ready-to-hang, and do not need to be framed.  Acrylic painting is faster than working in pastels, but painting on smaller canvas means it is difficult to achieve high levels of fine details.  This is best for more impressionistic style, except for larger sizes.

I will also work with colored pencils or graphite pencils/charcoal if you prefer.

Artwork it is shipped securely with insurance and tracking.  I also include an artwork care sheet and a certificate of authenticity with every portrait.

Payment Methods

I require a 50% deposit for all commissions before I start, and the other 50% paid upon completion.  I will accept PayPal (preferred) and personal check.  Please note, that if using a check, I will have to wait up to a week for it to clear each time.


Pricing for each commissioned piece is highly individualized. However, I have listed base prices below as a reference.  These prices do not include shipping.   If you are interested in a commissioned portrait or drawing from me, please Contact Me and I will give you a more detailed estimate on cost, including shipping.

The prices below are for a single portrait and an abstract background.  Please keep in mind that pastel portraits take more time, and so cost more.  All currency is in US Dollars.

Size Acrylic Painting Pastel Painting
8″ x 10″ $100 $120
9″ x 12″ $135 $165
11″ x 14″ $200 $240
12″ x 16″ $240 $290
16″ x 20″ $400 $480
18″ x 24″ $540 $650
24″ x 36″ $860 $950


*** Other sizes are available upon request, including square sizes (8″ x 8″, etc). ***

These are shipped varnished and ready-to-hang.

For other media (colored pencils, graphite, watercolor), please email for an estimate of cost.

Examples of my Work (Pet Portraits)



Tucker Colorful Pet Portrait









French Bulldog

Mama Kitty



Please visit my Galleries to see more examples of my artwork!

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