Colorful Leopard Portrait

Colorful Leopard Portrait by Rebecca Wang,

Colorful Leopard Portrait by Rebecca Wang,

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A colorful leopard portrait. Painted with acrylic paints on gessoed art board, 11″ x 14″, completed in August 2018. Reference photo of the leopard kindly provided by Cindy Fry in the Facebook group “Photos for Artists”. A peaceful leopard is resting in a tree in the dense forest. Done in a bright pallete of rainbow colors. Generally used warm colors for the creamy yellow areas (red, orange and yellow), with some light blue and green added in to tone down the intensity of the colors, which created an almost brown color. White and light yellow were added on top to lighten. The spots were painted with various shades of blue, purple, and magenta to add contrast to the warm oranges and yellows.

Original Art For Sale

Original Painting is for sale. Please Contact Me for more information.

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