Colorful Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog

Colorful Corgi Portrait by Rebecca Wang

Colorful Corgi Portrait by Rebecca Wang

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A Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog painted acrylic paints on gessoed board, 11″ x 14″, completed October 31, 2018. This colorful and expressive corgi is painted with a vibrant palette of rainbow colors, bringing an energetic and unique approach to this dog portrait. Photo reference courtesy of Bill Muck from the Artist Reference Photos group on Facebook.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a cattle herding dog that originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is one of two corgi breeds, the other being the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The main difference in the breeds is that the Pembroke has no tail and the Cardigan has a tail. They are the smallest dogs in the herding group, and are famous as Queen Elizabeth’s dogs.

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