Colorful Border Collie Dog

Colorful Border Collie Dog by Rebecca Wang

Colorful Border Collie Dog by Rebecca Wang

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A colorful and expressive border collie painting. Acrylic paints on gessoed board, 11″ x 14″, completed on October 20, 2018. A delightful and energetic border collie, represented with a rainbow of colors. The black areas of the dog are painted with primarily cool colors, such as green, blue, and purple, with some magenta. The shadows in the white areas are represented by blue and purple. A bright colored background of orange, yellow and green contrasts the more subtle colors in the collie. Photo reference from Pixabay.

Border collies are an intelligent, athletic, and energetic breed. They are a sheep herding breed developed in Scotland. They are medium sized with long fur, and come in many colors, the most common being black and white. Although they do make good pets, due to their high intelligence and energetic nature they need more physical exercise and mental stimulation than most other breeds.

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