Colorful Animal Artwork

Colorful Animal Artwork

Colorful and Stylized Animal Drawings

In this gallery is artwork that features bold, vivid full-saturation colors and high contrast, geometric forms, spirals, and abstract shapes.  The subject matter is animals.  The styles in this gallery range from realistic colorful, to stylized colorful, to psychedelic, to abstract.  The majority of these drawings are done with colored pencil, but some are done with pastels.

Colorful animal artwork is my favorite style to draw.  My style typically features an animal, such as the wolf, owl or chameleon you can see here, in bright, full-spectrum colors.  I use the full rainbow when I color these!   Bold linework and spirals feature prominently in my work, regardless of style and that can be seen clearly here.  I really like to make the design pop off the page by using contrasting colors right next to each other; for example, red and green, or blue and orange.  This creates high contrast, but it also seems to make the colors vibrate!  I really enjoy drawing in this style, as it lets me really let loose and use my imagination.

The realistic-colorful style features an animal drawn in realistic style but with bright colors instead of natural ones.  Some of the animals are also more stylized, such as the Paisley Peacock.  These drawings are less realistic but the animal is still clearly recognizable.  Others still are drawn in the psychedelic style, such as the rainbow trout and the wolf.  Lastly, there are animal drawings that are mostly abstract, what many people call “tribal-style”.  The Celtic Horse is a very good example of this style.

Available as Prints

All of these designs seen here are available as art prints and other products through my online stores.  Please click on the SHOP link above in the menu to see the products I have available in my shop for each design.   I also have these designs available in my online stores (such as Zazzle, Society6, and Redbubble).  Each store has different products available.  If you are looking for something specific, please Contact Me.