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Work in Progress of Large Wolf Painting

Wolf Painting work in progress

Wolf Painting work in progress

Work in progress of my latest painting: “Silver Spirit”. This is a re-do of a much older painting that I was not happy with. This is a huge painting, about 60 inches wide by 40 inches tall. Painted with acrylics on board. It is hard to tell from the picture, but I am using metallic paint, including silver, gold and pearl. When the light hits the painting just right, it really lights up!

The original painting underneath was something I had painted about 18 years ago, and had a lot of anatomical and proportional errors. I am hoping this newest iteration will be an improvement! The entire painting will be of a wolf standing on a cliff made of ice crystals, with lots of stars in the background. I basically painted the entire board black and started over again.

To the right is the original painting, done in 2001.  It is an acrylic painting that I did on my bedroom wall.  The painting itself has since been removed from the wall and mounted on wood.  It will be very interesting to see a side-by-side comparison when it is complete!

Work In Progress: Chinese Zodiac Animals

Chinese Zodiac Animals - Year of the Rat sketch

Chinese Zodiac Animals – Year of the Rat sketch

Hello all!  I have an exciting new project I am working on now!  As soon as I am finished with my current commissions, I will be doing a series of Chinese Zodiac Animals in my colorful style!  Starting with the rat, of which I have the sketch displayed above.

This is exciting and I cannot wait to get started!  This is a project I have been thinking about doing for a while.  As I make progress in this series, I will post them here for everyone to see. I created a new gallery just for these colorful zodiac animals here: Chinese Zodiac Animals.

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Painted Turtle – Works in Progress New Drawing

Here is all of the works in progress on my new drawing of the Neon Painted Turtle. This is a new drawing that I started as a series of psychedelic animals drawings.  This turtle is being drawn with Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore 400 series drawing paper.  I am using Neon green, Neon orange, Neon red, Neon yellow, non-photo blue, true blue, red, magenta, and a few other colors to really make the turtle a rainbow neon delight!

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