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Big Site Update: Added Share Buttons, Updated Layout

Hello everyone!  This is just to let you all know that I have been tinkering with my layout and adding functionality to my website.

  1. I have added Share buttons to every page and post.  You can now share my stuff anywhere you want!  If there are any problems with the share feature, please Contact Me.
  2. I have changed my gallery layout.  I changed the gallery software I was using on my site.  I eliminated the lightbox (the Javascript box that pops up as an overlay with the image and info) and opted instead for a simple link to a page with the full size image.  The reasons for this are many.  One being the ability to add share buttons to the images, which is difficult with the lightbox.  The second is the lightbox uses a lot of resources.  Also, the lightbox restricts my ability to add a long description to my images.
  3. Third is, of course, share buttons with each image!  You can now share my images directly from my website to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, whatever!  Please, share away!  All I ask is that you do not modify the image in any way, and leave the description and title (and link) alone.

Enjoy!  If there is any functionality you would like to see in my site, please let me know and I will do my best to make that happen!  I am always trying to improve my site to make the experience better for everyone.


Website Is Finally Mobile-Ready!

After much work and trial and error, I finally got my website to be mobile-friendly.  So it is now ready for the 21st century!

I have recently been adding a lot of features to my website that were missing, such as a blog, RSS feed, shopping cart, and fixing the layout so finally the website will be fully functional and modern.  Website design takes a lot of time and patience if you are doing it by yourself.  Most companies hire someone to make and maintain a website for them, and many artists use an out-of-the-box site like WordPress to display their artwork online.  I opted for the much more difficult path of doing it by myself, and while this takes much more time, I have learned a ton and am able to get the website to look exactly as I want it to.

The upside to all of this is that I have learned a lot about CSS, and feel much more comfortable with it than I had in the past.  I also had to learn a bunch of new HTML  tags, since markup has changed significantly since I first started to play with HTML in my text editor many years ago.  I found the W3 School website to be particularly helpful.

I would appreciate feedback.  If anyone has any suggestions about how I can make my website better, either by changing the layout or adding sections, etc, please let me know!  I would also appreciate feedback about how it looks on mobile, if the layout is ok or if there are any problems.

New blog and lots of site updates!

I finally broke down and installed a blog on this site. I figured this is a good way to keep updates and relevant news on this site as well as a way to interact with my visitors. I will be posting here similarly as to my Facebook page, with important site updates, new image posts, works in progress, news and other general announcements. In other news, in the past few days several updates have been made to the main site.

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