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Instagram Account for Rebecca Wang Art

I finally got an Instagram account!  After all these years, I am finally caught up to the 21st century! You can follow me here: or

There is not much there now, as I just opened the account today, but I will be adding more stuff shortly.  It will be kept up to date like my other social media accounts. Please follow and share!

Year in Review – My Artwork in 2017

2017 Artwork Collage

2017 Artwork Collage by Rebecca Wang

2017 has been a very productive year for my artwork.  I have created 15 new pieces this year, of which 7 were commissions and 8 were original artworks.  Overall, I have been happy with my progress as an artist, and you can clearly see improvement in both my style and technique in these drawings as compared to my older drawings.  Just the fact that I have been creating art more regularly has helped me to develop myself as an artist.

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CafePress Store is Closed. Please Visit These Stores Instead.

Hello everyone!  I want to let you all know that I closed my CafePress store today.  Due to the changes in their commission structure, I had been losing lots of income.  I don’t know how many of you actually bought stuff from that store, but I will give you alternatives in the future to get merchandise with my designs.

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Follow Me on Pinterest

follow me on pinterest
If you enjoy my art, please follow me on Pinterest! Here I will display all of my artwork and products from various places online. I have boards for wall art, home decor and gifts, so all of the products with my original designs can be found in a single location.  I also have a board for all of my Etsy products and blog articles, for easy re-pinning!  I have a board for my original nature photography prints as well, for those that are interested. I am an active pinner and re-pinner, and have many boards with different topics of interest, such as Animal Art, Animal Photography, Nature, Abstract Art, and more!  I will always follow back my followers.

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Zazzle Featured Designer

Zazzle has a new section on their website called Designers, where they feature a designer every week.  I was the first featured designer!  I am so honored!  Being a featured designer means I have my store listed on this page, as well as being listed in the margin in the search page.  

You can see their all-new Featured Designer page here:

Featured Store on Zazzle Blog

Zazzle Featured Designer

Zazzle Featured Designer

Unbeknownst to me, Zazzle featured my store in their blog as a Featured Designer!  Please read the article here:

I am so excited!  If I had known that I would be featured, I would have answered the questions more in detail.  But that is ok.  I just found out about this today on the Zazzle group I follow in Facebook, so this post is a little late.

I Have A New Twitter Account

Follow Me On Twitter

I have a Twitter account.  You can check it out here:  I update this account daily, and post new and old artwork, as well as products for sale.  I also re-tweet lots of beautiful artwork and photography from people I follow online.  My account is extremely active, and follow back most artistic accounts.  You can see my newest artwork, works in progress, product information, and updates through this account.   It is just another way to follow me and keep up with news and my artwork.

Update 12.29.2018:  I have had this account for almost 3 years now, and have 1800 followers!  I am so happy and grateful to you all for your support over the years.  The past 3 years have seen me grow a lot as an artist.  I hope in the new ear to gain even more fans and followers, and provide you guys with rich and unique content on your dashboards!