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Why Do Original Art and Commissions?

Original Artwork and Commissions

In this article I will explain why artists choose to do both original art and commissions.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and here I will try to cover briefly why I like to try to devote equal amounts of time to both.  I will only focus on being a freelance artist here. I will not include the advantages and disadvantages of working full time for a company as an artist.

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Print-On-Demand Stores Review – Conclusion

I have reviewed 8 print-on-demand stores.  These are among the oldest and most popular POD stores on the internet today.  These also happen to be 8 stores that I currently use.  There are so many other POD stores out there, but I feel this gives a fair sample.  Most artists are going to be using at least one of these stores to sell their products, if they use a print-on-demand store.

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Print-On-Demand Stores Review: Zazzle

About: Zazzle was founded in 2005 by Robert Beaver and his two sons Jeff and Bobby Beaver. They are based in California, USA. It is the only POD store that offers 100% fully customizable products to the customer.  This means the customer can add text and images to an existing product, or create their own unique customized product.

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