Commercial Rights-Managed Licenses for Purchase

I have selected images available for rights-managed commercial licenses purchase here:

These licenses are for commercial use, mainly for advertising, publishing (books, magazines), promotional items (flyers, business cards), and packaging (labels, such as CD, product labels, etc).

If you would like to license an image for non-commercial or private use, please contact me.

Ten Wildlife Realism Artists I Admire

There are many traditional artists who inspire me and whom I admire.  These artists are the masters of wildlife realism.  They have incredible skill, and their artworks show great depth of knowledge for anatomy and proportion such that their subjects look very photo realistic.  They employ wonderful details of feathers and fur, depth of highlight and shadow, and expressive faces.  Even though all of these artists draw or paint similar subjects, they all have their own unique style.  Some of these artists are world renowned and well known, and others are less well known but just as skilled.  I hope one day to be as great as these masters.

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Website Is Finally Mobile-Ready!

After much work and trial and error, I finally got my website to be mobile-friendly.  So it is now ready for the 21st century!

I have recently been adding a lot of features to my website that were missing, such as a blog, RSS feed, shopping cart, and fixing the layout so finally the website will be fully functional and modern.  Website design takes a lot of time and patience if you are doing it by yourself.  Most companies hire someone to make and maintain a website for them, and many artists use an out-of-the-box site like WordPress to display their artwork online.  I opted for the much more difficult path of doing it by myself, and while this takes much more time, I have learned a ton and am able to get the website to look exactly as I want it to.

The upside to all of this is that I have learned a lot about CSS, and feel much more comfortable with it than I had in the past.  I also had to learn a bunch of new HTML  tags, since markup has changed significantly since I first started to play with HTML in my text editor many years ago.  I found the W3 School website to be particularly helpful.

I would appreciate feedback.  If anyone has any suggestions about how I can make my website better, either by changing the layout or adding sections, etc, please let me know!  I would also appreciate feedback about how it looks on mobile, if the layout is ok or if there are any problems.

RSS Feed For Main Website

I have finally figured out how to get my gallery to provide an RSS feed and have it linked at the top of every page, along with other social media buttons.  This RSS feed is different from the feed for this blog, and will give updates specific to the gallery itself (new items).  The RSS feed in this blog is for this blog only.  Please subscribe to both feeds to keep up-to-date on my entire website.