About the Artist

About the Artist

My name is Rebecca Wang. I am more popularly known online by my maiden name: Rebecca Postanowicz. This is my art website, Psychedelic Zen, which kind of describes my current style. I used to go by the username Lioncrusher, and on many of my sites you will still see that name being used.

I am a self-taught artist; and although I have no formal training, I continue to grow as an artist through studying and practice. I work primarily with colored pencils, pastel pencils, and graphite drawing pencils. In the past, I have also painted and sculpted, and used other media.

Styles and Inspiration

I use many different styles depending on the subject, and can draw in realistic style as well as abstract style. I have drawn a range of subjects, including realistic wildlife and pets, psychedelic drawings, stylized drawings, mandalas, and fantasy creatures such as dragons, phoenixes and other mythological beasts.

My primary inspirations come from animals and nature, as well as Celtic and Asian designs, and visionary art. I prefer to work in bright, vibrant full-saturation color, although I do occasionally use natural earth tones for realistic art. My vivid multicolor artwork, usually depicting animals and fantasy creatures, is the most popular of my styles. I love incorporating bold geometric shapes and spirals as well.

Why Do I Draw?

Tallulah pet portrait

My art motto is: I draw what I love, and if other people like it too, that is great. If it sells, that is even better! I was never one to follow trends or try do draw what is popular. I tend not to draw things such as landscapes and portraits, although I have great respect and admiration for those who do. Lots of people paint landscapes and flowers, and lots of people like buying those and using them as interior decoration.

But I always want to do something different. When I create art, I do not think: “how will this look over someone’s sofa?” Instead, if people love my art enough to purchase it and display it in their house, I feel honored. However, I do like diversity and love trying new things, and will not focus too much on any one style or subject. I love practicing realism as much as my psychedelic art, but I also love cultivating my own style.

My reason for creating art is simply that I love it. I have been drawing for as long as I could hold a pencil, but I only started creating art more seriously within the past 10 years. It has been a learning process, both with the actual creation of the art, and my online presence with the design of my website and use of other online tools such as galleries, stores and social media.


Current Projects

Currently, I am being commissioned to design labels for Organicville/Sky Valley Foods product lines of international sauces and sodas. I have been designing labels for Organicville/Sky Valley Foods since 2013.


Most images (in all galleries except “Corporate Designs”) are available to be licensed for corporate use. If you are interested to use any images, please Contact Me. I also have rights-managed commercial licenses available for purchase through this website: http://licensing.pixels.com/profiles/rebecca-wang.html

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Copyright Information

All artwork and images present on this website (http://www.psychedeliczen.com), as well as other online stores and galleries, are the property of Rebecca Wang (Postanowicz), all rights reserved. The artwork herein may not be copied or distributed in any manner (electronic, web or printed) without the prior written consent of Rebecca Wang. Contact Me for permission to use my images either for personal or commercial usage.