Two New Pet Portraits in the Gallery

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I have two new pet portraits in my gallery: Addie and Rocky.  These dog portraits were both commissioned by the same person.  They were completed in May of 2018.



For Rocky, the owner wanted him painted with a more natural color scheme.  He is a blue Cane Corso, so I chose various shades of greys mixed with brown and blue to give depth to his portrait.  The dark background was chosen since the reference photo showed him being back-lit, and I wanted to show off the light edges of his figure against the dark background. I loved painting all of his wrinkles!  His fur is very short and smooth, so I did not have to add a lot of fur details to his painting.

The second, Addie, is a Rottweiler, and the owner wanted me to paint her in my usual colorful style!  I chose to portray the black fur with various shades of blue, and the tan areas with oranges and reds.  The background is made with more neutral brown colors mixed with blues and oranges to bring out the colors of the dog.  Rottweilers have very shiny black fur, and I hope I captured that well in this painting.  The shininess outlines their muscle and bone structures, and really makes the portrait look three dimensional.

These portraits are the second time I have used Acrylic Paints, and I am very pleased with how they turned out.  The advantage of using acrylic paints is that it is much faster than using pastels, and the stretched canvas comes ready to hang for the owner.  I finish all of my acrylic paintings with two layers of varnish.   The varnish helps to bring out the rich colors and even out any inconsistencies in glossiness from the paint.  It also provides UV protection, and adds a protective layer so the painting is protected against dust and environmental pollution, and can be wiped down easily without damaging the painting underneath.

If you are interested in having your pet’s portrait painted, please Contact Me.

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