Beautiful Jigsaw Puzzles Make the Perfect Gift!

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Colorful Paisley Peacock Bird Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are tons of fun for the whole family!  They are challenging, and make a great gift!  They also can be framed once completed, and displayed as a piece of wall art.  I have several of my designs as puzzles in my Zazzle store.  They are customizable, meaning you can add text or even an image if you desire.  But they are best purchased as-is for a unique and colorful game.

The puzzles from Zazzle come in multiple sizes, with the larger sizes having more pieces.  They are made from cardboard and chipboard, and comes inside a gift box with the image printed on the lid.  View the designs below or visit my Puzzles Collection to see all of the available designs!

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rat Puzzle Epiphany Psychedelic Dragons Mandala PuzzlePsychedelic Wolf Puzzle Chinese Azure Dragon Puzzle Colorful Paisley Peacock Bird Puzzle Fenghuang Chinese Phoenix Puzzle Healing Lotus Rainbow Yin Yang Mandala Puzzle Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Puzzle Inner Strength Puzzle Paisley Peacock Puzzle Psychedelic Zebra Puzzle Psychedelic Rainbow Owl Puzzle Painted Turtle Puzzle Phoenix and Dragon Puzzle Wolf Aurora Puzzle Psychedelizard Puzzle Cougar Mountain Lion Puma Puzzle

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