Colorful Coasters and Trivets for your Dining Room Decor

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Psychedelizard Psychedelic Chameleon round sandstone coaster

Psychedelizard Psychedelic Chameleon round sandstone coaster

These colorful and unique coasters and trivets offer you a wonderful way to protect your furniture and counter top, while also adding a splash of color.  In my Zazzle Store are numerous fantastic coasters to add some art with functionality to your home.  And as with all of Zazzle’s products, these coasters and trivets are 100% customizable.  Add your own text or a monogram for a personalized product.  Or purchase them as-is for a unique and colorful piece of home decor.

I currently have three styles of coaster and one style of trivet available.  The coasters are available in the following styles: round stone, square stone, and square plastic.  Below is more information on each of the styles as well as examples of each that are in my store.

Round Coasters

Round coasters are made from sandstone, and measure 4.25 inches in diameter.  They have a cork backing. They are sold singly.  Please look below for examples of my round coasters, and visit my collection to see them all.

Healing Lotus Mandala Sandstone Round CoasterSeahorse Triskele Blue Celtic Mandala CoasterEpiphany Psychedelic Dragon Mandala Round CoasterPisces Fish Yin Yang Round Coaster

Square Stone Coasters

The square coasters measure 4″ by 4″.  They are available in four different stone types: marble, limestone, travertine, and sandstone.  Each of these stones has a different characteristic and color. They all come with a cork backing. My brightly colored designs look best on limestone, which is the lightest of the four options.  These coasters are sold singly. Please look below for examples of my square coasters, and visit my collection to see them all.

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rat Stone CoasterPsychedelizard Psychedelic Chameleon Stone CoasterRainbow Owl Stone CoasterPsychedelic Rainbow Wolf Stone Coaster

Square Plastic Coasters

Plastic coasters are a good alternative to stone.  They display the image much brighter and truer to color than the stone coasters.  These thick plastic coasters are a rounded square shape, and measure 3.8″ by 3.8″.  They have a nice non-skid cork backing, and are very easy to clean.  They come in sets of 6. Please look below for examples of my plastic coasters, and visit my collection to see them all.

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Hard Plastic CoasterWolf Aurora Hard Plastic CoasterFenghuang Chinese Phoenix Hard Plastic CoasterPsychedelic Rainbow Zebra Plastic Coasters


Trivets are a useful and diverse piece of kitchen decor.  They are typically used to put hot cookware on to protect your countertop.  These trivets are square shaped and measure 6″ x 6″.  They come in a choice of two different stones: marble or travertine.  My designs look best on the marble.  They have a non skid cork backing.  Please look below for examples of my trivets, and visit my collection to see them all.

Paisley Peacock Colorful Bird Stone TrivetPhoenix and Dragon Stone TrivetCouar Portrait TrivetChinese Dragon Stone Trivet

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