My Art Influences – Celtic Artwork

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Celtic Horse by Rebecca Wang

Celtic Horse

I have many different art styles and subjects that inspire and influence my own personal style. One of my many inspirations comes from Celtic artwork.  Their rich geometric forms and highly detailed knots are beautiful to behold.  I love to use forms such as spirals, knots and triskeles in many of my more abstract and stylized art pieces.  In particular, I have incorporated Celtic design work in my many mandala pieces.

What is Celtic Art

Seahorse Triskele Rebecca WangThere is an entire Wikipedia article that goes very in depth about Celtic art. To begin, the Celts were various peoples from Iron Age and Medieval Europe who spoke the Celtic languages and had similarities in their cultures.  The art, in particular, of these cultures was influenced by those around them.  What is considered Celtic art today is a combination of art from many different sources. This includes the early Celtic artwork, the spirals of Newgrange, the Pictish art of Scotland, the Insular art of Ireland and Britain, and even Viking art later on.  

What most people picture when they hear the term “Celtic Art” is the pictish and insular artforms.  What they all have in common is their use of highly detailed geometric forms such as spirals, circular forms, interlaced knotwork, and triskelions.  They are also known for their highly stylized figurative works of people and animals, as well as highly detailed illuminated letters.

Purple Fish Spiral Rebecca WangIncorporating Celtic Art Into My Style

I have always been a lover of Gaelic and Celtic cultures.  The art, the culture, the high fantasy and the real history of these areas are very fascinating to me.  My love for the highly intricate geometric shapes led to me wanting to include them in my art.  They are difficult to draw and even more difficult to master, and I love a challenge when it comes to my art.  I love the knotwork, but what really drew me in were the spirals.

I like to incorporate spirals into my artwork, either as a minor decoration or a major part of the design.  I especially love the design called the “triskele”, which is also called the triple spiral.  


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