6 Artists I Admire Who Create Colorful Work

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Psychedelic FractalThere are many artists who, over the years, have influenced my art, and whose art I admire greatly.  These following artists I consider to be the master of their styles.  Some of these artists I have been fans of for many years, others I have only discovered more recently.  All of their art resonates with me on a spiritual level.  The artists on this page have a variety of styles, ranging from realism, to abstract, and cover a wide range of subjects.  What unites them is their use of vibrant, full saturation color and geometric forms in their work.

The Most Whimsical Elephant Painting Watercolor, 11 x 14 Jo Lynch

Jo Lynch is an artist whose beautiful and colorful watercolor animal paintings are done in a very unique style. It is semi-psychedelic in nature, using lots of full saturation complementary colors, especially reds and blues. The style is reminiscent of stained glass or Indonesian Batik art, where there are discreet shapes within the subject that are outlined in white. 

She discovered her love of watercolor many years ago, and has taken many classes devoted specifically to watercolor painting.  Her award winning artwork has been displayed in many art shows.  Her artwork displays as the signs for the Neo-Natal unit at Tampa General Hospital.

Kauai, Hawaii Sunset Elspeth McLean

Kauai, Hawaii Sunset Elspeth McLean

Elspeth McLean‘s beautiful dotilism mandalas and abstract patterns are incredible to behold. Watching the videos of her painting the dots on the canvas and rocks is very relaxing! She creates colorful detailed acrylic paintings and mandalas using only dots, small circles of various sizes and colors.  Her inspiration comes from nature, and is reminiscent of aboriginal Australian paintings.  She has a degree in art therapy, and her beautiful artworks have won numerous awards.  Her artwork has been exhibited multiple times throughout Australia and Canada.

Steven Schuman

Steven Schuman is a traditional artist who is well known for his colorful paintings.  I recently discovered his art style and realized how similar it is to mine.  He uses bold, full saturation rainbow colors to create his unique animal and pet portraits.  The animals are realistically drawn, as far as anatomy and proportion, but uses vibrant colors and bold linework to create a fresh new spin on a fairly common subject.  His portfolio is varied.  In addition to animals, he also paints landscapes, still lifes, and human portraits.  according to the biography on his website, he has had many careers before becoming an artist.  He has been the owner of many companies in many different fields.  He was a candlemaker, a leathersmith, shoemaker, and a sign painter and designer before going to art school.  His paintings can be seen on display in art galleries in South Carolina and Georgia, as well as online.

Jimi Hendrix Rainbow King Jeff Hopp

Jimi Hendrix Rainbow King Jeff Hopp

Jeff Hopp is a psychedelic artist from Tempe, Arizona, who is well known for his beautiful original visionary art and creative portraits of the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and John Lennon.  Since the 1970’s he has created many paintings, album covers, illustrated children’s books, and music.  I find his style very refreshing, especially since many of his most popular works are done with Prismacolor colored pencils.  His use of geometric shapes and color in his pieces give them incredible personality and movement.  And they are so incredibly detailed. It seems like I see something new every time I look at one of his drawings!  His artwork and music has won several awards, and has been sold in over 30 countries around the world.  He has a Facebook Page.

Vajra Horse Alex Grey

Vajra Horse Alex Grey

Alex Grey, no list of psychedelic artists would be complete without his name. His mind opening paintings serve as inspiration for a whole generation of psychedelic and visionary artists.  His artwork was probably one of the first exposures I had to psychedelic and visionary art.  Although his art style is not a direct influence on mine, his pioneering art style has definitely opened the door for a lot of artists.  Alex Grey was born in Columbus, Ohio.  His father, who was a graphic designer, encouraged his son’s art talent.  He went to the Columbus College of Art and Design.  However, he left art school to paint billboards. He later moved to Boston where he worked as a studio assistant for conceptual artist, Jay Jaroslav, at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.  It was there he met his partner Allyson.  Later, he worked in the Anatomy department at Harvard Medical School preparing cadavers for dissection, and used the opportunity to study anatomy.  It is these studies which has led to his highly detailed and anatomical illustrations.

Dean Russo is well known for his psychedelic colorful mixed media artwork. His art style is unmistakable.  Although his topics cover a broad range, he is best known for his colorful animals and his celebrity portraits.  Dean was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where he currently works and resides.
He has studied graphic design and fine arts at Pratt Institute and The School of Visual Arts in NYC.  Being an animal lover, Dean started his career creating soulful animal portraits in his signature style that has evolved over a period of 10 years and as a professional musician Dean has been inspired to paint portraits of influential music icons. Street Art has been a major influence in Dean’s technique, with mediums that include spray paint, collage and original hand cut stencils. Dean’s most recent portraits give life to each subject through the use of depth, color and movement. He continues to create for collectors worldwide and for his own personal portfolio

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The images in this blog are copyright to their respective artists. All images have been used with explicit permission of the artist. All rights reserved.

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