What Does “Psychedelic Zen” Mean?

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Healing Lotus

Healing Lotus

Many people have asked me about the meaning behind my site’s name – Psychedelic Zen.  I hope this article can answer that question and provide some insight about why I named it that and also the shift in my art style that prompted this name.  Please continue to read the article to understand why I chose this unusual name.

The Importance of Branding

When creating a website, the site name is very important.  It represents your company, your goals, your products, yourself.  The name is your brand and your trademark.  It is in your website URL and in the title of every page, and it becomes associated with your brand identity.  When picking a company name, for example, you want it to be somewhat descriptive of your goods and/or services, but also short in length.  It has to be easy to remember and unique.  There is a really great article about choosing a company name on the Fortune website.

Choosing a website name for an artist is no different.  Most professional artists just use their name.  An example of this is the wildlife artist Eric Wilson.  Many freelance artists, especially those who specialize in fantasy artwork, will choose something a little more original. A few examples are: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s website Shadowscapes and Christy Grandjeans’ website Goldenwolfen.  There is no right or wrong way.  In the case of the artists that use their own name, their name is their brand.  For the other artists, their brand is often descriptive or personal.

In retrospect, I probably should have used my name, but that is all water under the bridge now.

So, Why Psychedelic Zen?

Honestly, this isn’t as deep as people probably make it out to be.  The name was proposed by one of my friends, who said my artwork was psychedelic and zen at the same time.  Meaning vibrant and colorful, but also strangely peaceful and relaxing to look at.  I don’t remember who suggested it, but one of us suggested that I re-brand my site with that name, and it happened.  That was about 10 years ago and the name stuck ever since.

I felt like this name was more representative of my current artwork than my previous name, which was Lioncrusher.  That name was an alter-ego that was use when I created a lot of anthropomorphic-style artwork.  It really did not fit in with the psychedelic animals and mandalas and other stuff I was drawing.

Shift in Art Style

So why the sudden shift in art styles and subjects?  Why did I go from drawing a lot of random animals an anthro art to drawing what I do today?  Well, for one my art style matured as I matured, and that type of artwork just did not appeal to me anymore.  And music had a lot to do with it.  I have always been a huge fan of music from the 60s and 70s. As I grew up, I started liking more contemporary music.  Then I “re-discovered” my appreciation for classic rock, and all the culture and art that goes with it.  It inspired me to create art that was more colorful and experiment with mandalas.  The more I got into it, the more I realized how much I enjoy creating this kind of art, and it persisted.

Where Do We Go From Here

I plan on continuing with this art style for quite some time.  I feel that this site name is appropriate and descriptive at the same time.  My art style is fairly well established, and I do not feel the need to re-brand myself at this time.  Even though my art style is not exactly truly psychedelic and visionary, it is a name that has stuck.  Besides, I have spent a lot of work building up my site and art reputation.  If I chose to re-brand now, I lose all of that.  Re-naming my site means losing all of my inbound links.  I suppose I could use a redirect, but it is a lot of money and honestly not worth the hassle.  Besides that, my own name is not so unique that it would make me stand out.

In the end, even though it is not perfect, I think that this site name is a good brand name that helps to set me apart.

Stock photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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