Print-On-Demand Stores Review – Conclusion

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I have reviewed 8 print-on-demand stores.  These are among the oldest and most popular POD stores on the internet today.  These also happen to be 8 stores that I currently use.  There are so many other POD stores out there, but I feel this gives a fair sample.  Most artists are going to be using at least one of these stores to sell their products, if they use a print-on-demand store.

For me, the all-around winner is Zazzle.  I have many reasons for picking Zazzle.  They have the most products by far: over 1300 and counting, which is almost a thousand more than the POD with the next largest selection of products, which is CafePress at almost 400.  They have a very easy to use interface.  They provide the end consumer with customizable products, a unique and valuable feature.  As far as I know, no other POD store offers this.  They have a very active online community, blog and message board.  They have great marketing and sharing features.  They have a referral program and a volume bonus.

However the downside to Zazzle is because they have so many products, and you have to design each product separately, it is the most time consuming of all of the online stores.  If you have a lot of designs, I would recommend putting this one on the back burner and sticking with a store like Redbubble or Society6, which has fewer products and a seller interface that allows you to upload a single image and place that image on multiple products simultaneously.

I always recommend opening as many stores as you feel comfortable managing. They each have their own marketing scheme and they will not interfere with one another.  People who prefer to shop on Society6 may not know about or want to shop on Zazzle, and vice versa, so having multiple online stores is always good for exposure.  It also has to to with how much time you want to invest in your online stores.  If you have very limited time, it makes sense to have fewer stores and to focus more on those. 

Each store also has their own preferred “theme” so to speak.  Zazzle seems to favor graphic design and abstract designs.  Text-based designs and cartoon-style graphics are popular on CafePress.  Digital graphic art  is very popular on both Redbubble and Society6.  Simpler graphic design and cartoon fanart is very popular on TeePublic.  FineArtAmerica specializes in fine art, such as painting and photography.   DeviantArt is very diverse, but again, digital art prevails.  This is not to say that if you are a traditional artist, to stay away from all of these except FineArtAmerica.  I am a traditional artist who works in colored pencils and pastels, and I sell fairly well on most of these websites. Just keep this in mind, and know that these are the “popular” styles on these websites.

Honestly, everyone will have a different experience with online stores.  You can read the information I have provided.  Look at the stores themselves and see what types of designs are popular in those stores.  And decide how much time (and money) you have to invest in your POD to decide which one to choose.

I have attached a chart below comparing the stores in specifics such as how many products they offer and the royalty rate.  This only includes the ones I have used personally.  Please click on the image to see the full thing. 

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