Print-On-Demand Stores Review: TeePublic

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TeePublic is a type of online store known as a print-on-demand store.  What this means is that artists and photographers can upload their images to TeePublic, and sell products with their designs.  Print-on-demand stores typically sell prints, home decor products, and other gifts.  These stores allow designers to sell products with their images without having to worry about maintaining inventory, handling orders, and shipping, while still being able to make money off of their designs.

This article will discuss TeePublic and give information about the store for sellers (as opposed to customers).  The topics covered are products offered, uploading interface, the dashboard, royalty rates, membership fees, promotional tools and more.


TeePublic was founded in 2013.  It was created by the co-founder of the CollegeHumor website, Josh Abramson.  He is also one of the owners and founders of the company Connected Ventures, which includes Vimeo and Busted Tees.


Although they specialize in t-shirts (it’s right there in the name), they also offer other products.  They offer 10 apparel products (t-shirt, tank, long sleeve shirt, baseball tee, kids shirt, crewneck shirt, hoodie, kids hoodie, kids longsleeve shirt, and onsie).  They also offer wall art, cell phone cases, laptop sleeves, notebook, spiral notebook, coffe mug, travel mug, and stickers for a total of 18 products, with 10 of those being clothing.

Seller Interface

Inner Strength T-shirt

Pretty straightforward.  Uploading the image is easy.  However, when it comes to the other products, there is no option to select a different file for the other products.  For example, for a t-shirt you want an image with a transparent background, but for a poster you may want to keep the background.  So they would have to be separate images, but you cannot do that here.  Also, designing a coffee mug would take a different image than an art print, because the dimension is very wide.  What most people do is duplicate the image so it appears on both sides of the coffee mug; however that is impossible to do here, so their coffee mugs only have the print on one side unless you enlarge the image so it wraps around the mug, which may not be desirable.


As for the user backend, it is very sparse.  You cannot see your royalty report at all online, instead you have to click on a link and it has to be e-mailed to you as an excel document.

Product Statistics

You can see how many times a product has sold on your main storefront, but I don’t see other statistics anywhere.


The royalty rates are not percentage based but instead a flat-rate depending on the product.

Affiliate/Referral Program

There is an affiliate program, but it is a little different than other shops, in that they provide you with a customizable online shop to display other designer’s works.  You get up to 31% on each sale.

Membership Fees

Membership is free.

Promotional Tools

None that I can tell.

Storefront Layout

Not able to be customized.


You can leave comments, favorite artists and products.

File Size Limits and Types

I don’t see a file size limit, but they do recommend a PNG with at least 150 DPI and 5400px on the longest side for printing.


TeePublic is mostly geared towards people that do graphic design, cartoon characters and other computer graphics.  As I am a traditional artist, I do not feel like my art really fits in with the other artists here, but I still have my store.  I have had it for about a year, and have had about one sale per month.  Their user interface is great but I wish they would add the ability to add additional images for the other products they offer, as well as being able to see your commission report online.

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