Print-On-Demand Stores Review: Fine Art America

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FineArtAmerica is a type of online store known as a print-on-demand store.  What this means is that artists and photographers can upload their images to FineArtAmerica, and sell products with their designs.  Print-on-demand stores typically sell prints, home decor products, and other gifts.  These stores allow designers to sell products with their images without having to worry about maintaining inventory, handling orders, and shipping, while still being able to make money off of their designs.

This article will discuss FIneArtAmerica and give information about the store for sellers (as opposed to customers).  The topics covered are products offered, uploading interface, the dashboard, royalty rates, membership fees, promotional tools and more.


FineArtAmerica was founded in 2006. They have multiple sites in different countries, with being their internationally accessible one.  They are also partnered with Deck the Walls, The Great Frame Up, The Framing Art Centre, Shop For, and EarthPrints.  They have an interior design program through, which allows companies to buy wholesale at discounted prices.


Their product lines are wall art (canvas prints, posters, prints, framed prints, acrylic, metal and wood prints), home decor (throw pillows, shower curtains, duvet covers, towels), various types of tote bags, beach towels, greeting cards, phone cases and clothing. New product types are added sporadically.

They ship worldwide, with 14 manufacturing centers located in 5 countries.

Seller Interface

Very similar to Redbubble, with the user uploading a single image and it being placed on all products.  You have the ability, in one single page, to move and resize the images online to fit the product. You can upload a higher resolution image for an individual product if you want. You can also offer originals for sale and image licenses for commercial use.  The image file is able to be changed even after a product is published.


They call  this “Behind The Scenes”.  There is a lot here, and more in the paid version.  You can see your sales, edit your accounting and profile information, setup up your shopping cart, set up your special features, marketing tools, and others.  You can set up your premium features.  There is a place for checking your e-mails (mostly from groups).  You can set which domains you want your products on.  You can change your default markups for all of your products on one page.  There is a bulk image editor.  You can see all of your groups and favorites.

Your Activity page is divided into many sections, and it is in a stream format.  You can choose to see all activity.  You can see activity directed at you (comments on your art, people favoriting your art, adding you to their watch list, etc).  You can see what the people you are watching have been doing.  And you can see contests and events.

You can choose to sell your art through their various partner sites (see the intro).  You can choose to donate returned art to charity.  There is an image licensing program that allows you to license your images for use in publications and other things.  You can also license your products for use by ABC/Disney as set design.  You can also choose to stream your artwork via Acanvas digital picture frames.

Product Statistics

You can see how many times a design has been viewed from your dashboard in the Visitors and Comments section.  You can also see how many times your image has been “liked”, commented and favorited on each image page.  Even though you can see your sales in the Accounting section, I do not see that there is a statistic for how many times a particular product or design has sold.  I guess that is something you have to keep track of on your own.


You can set your own royalty, but they make suggestions.

Affiliate/Referral Program

There is no affiliate program currently.

Membership Fees

There are two levels. The free store is fully functional, but you are limited to selling 25 art prints. The paid subscription, which is very reasonable at $30 per year, allows you to have your own customizable website, a drop in shopping cart for your website, unlimited sales, 5% commission on frames, and gain the ability to have your artwork licensed by television and movie companies.  In my opinion, it is worth it to upgrade to premium.

Promotional Tools

The ability to have your own shopping cart widget for your site is probably the best feature of FineArtAmerica.  You can link your account to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, so that when you upload an artwork, it will post on these two sites.  They have javascript slideshow widgets for your blog.  You can send out newsletters.  Sellers can set up their own promotions and advertise them through Facebook, Twitter and email.  You can also create your own coupons and email them out.

There is a tool called “Search Sponsorship” where you can “sponsor” a search term by linking to that search on your website or blog as a small text advert.  They have a nice product catalog that you can print out and take with you to trade shows.  You have the ability to make a press release and post blog articles directly on the site.  You can post an event as well (example: art show).  And last but not least, there are share buttons located on all the pages.

Storefront Layout

Not customizable in free membership, fully customizable website for paid subscription. Even in the free version you can arrange your images into galleries, and the images can be sorted within each gallery.  You have a About Me page.  You can add an avatar.


You can watch a seller, favorite, like, and leave comments on their works. There are groups you can join and add your work. The community page within your account lists the activity of all the people you watch.  Groups can host contests, and the prize can vary.  Many groups are very active, and regularly feature artwork on their front page.  Some groups even feature art on their social media pages or blogs.

Your image ranking is related to how many comments, likes and favorites your artwork gets.  So, it is in your best interest to try and network with as many artists as possible, as well as actively promoting your own artwork on your website, blog and through social media.  There are a few groups who help you to do this, by exchanging likes and comments.

The general nature of FineArtAmerica is that it is geared towards the fine arts (it’s in the title!).  Whereas many Print-on-Demand stores seem to cater to graphic designers and text-based designs, the majority of the artwork on FAA consists of paintings, drawings, and photography.  This is the best place to go if your art falls into one of these categories.  However, it is not to say that a digital artist or someone who specializes in patterns or graphic design would not succeed as well.  FineArtAmerica’s primary focus is on their art prints, with their other products coming in as secondary.

File Size Limits and Types

Maximum file size is 25MB, and they accept PNG and JPG.  This seems small to me, especially if you want a high resolution image of a very large painting for printing.


I like Fine Art America.  I have been a member for about a year now.   I love the sense of community here, and also the many options and flexibility.  However, I wish that they would allow larger file sizes to be uploaded.  25MB is too small, in my opinion, especially for large-size art prints.

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