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After a long hiatus, I have decided to start taking commissions. More information and a contact form can be found here:

I purposefully did not include a lot of information on that page because I wanted it to be as simple as possible.  But I wanted to talk more about my commission process and my thoughts about it, so I have written them out in this blog.

Materials Used:

I work almost exclusively with Prismacolor colored pencils, and various brands of pastel pencils. With the colored pencils, I use Strathmore Drawing paper.  With the pastel pencils, I use either Ampersand pastelbord or Clairefontaine pastelmat. Pastelbord is a hard wooden board with a surface similar to a fine sandpaper which can hold many layers of pastels.  The reason for using this media is because of time and comfort level.  Pastels go on quick and blend easily, and can layer up well for may effects.  I have been using pastel pencils for the past several years now and I have grown very comfortable using them. Pastelmat is a sturdy textured paper that allows for multiple layering of pastels.

I have in the past used various other media such as graphite pencils, markers, pen, and acrylic paints.  These are the ones I feel the most comfortable with besides pastel pencils.  I would not consider using these as my first source for a commission (with the exception of acrylic paints) because they are much more time consuming and less forgiving.  Colored pencils, in particular, are a great media, and fantastic for blending and doing fine detail work, but they can take 2-3x as long to do the same drawing in the same size as pastels.  Unless there is a very good reason, I will usually opt to use pastel pencils.


My primary focus is on animals and fantasy creatures, although I am capable of drawing a wide variety of subjects.   Over time, I hope to increase my portfolio to include other subjects.


I am most well known for, and specialize in, extremely colorful animal drawings.  My basic style is a realistically drawn animal (anatomically and proportionately realistic) with high-saturation full palette colors. 

Examples of my styles can be found below:

Wolf PortraitRealistic:  This style is realistic anatomy and proportions with realistic coloring.  In other words, what many people call photo-realism.  I do not have very many examples of this in my gallery, but you can find some more here:  Realistic Animals

Colorful Realism: This is when the subject, usually an animal, is drawn with realistic proportions and anatomy, but with vibrant, often rainbow colors.  This is the style I plan to use most in my upcoming pet portraits.  You can see examples of this here: Pet Portraits

Stylized:  I use this term loosely to describe a style that, while the subject still may have realistic anatomy and proportions, besides being colorful also has embellishments, such as bold linework and geometric shapes.  Examples of this style can be found here: Colorful Animals and throughout the other galleries as well.

Tribal or Abstract Stylized: This is when the subject is drawn without the need for realistic anatomy, as the animal is stylized to the point of being mostly geometric.  This is referred to by many as a Tribal Style. 


As you may have noticed, I do not post prices online.  Pricing for each commissioned piece is highly individualized, and I have to take each piece in a case-by-case basis, rather than giving a blanket price for size or subject.  I apologize, but that is the reality of ordering fully customized original artwork.  If you want to get an idea about how much something will cost, please contact me via my online form.

Contact Me

I hope this has given you good insight into my process.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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