Painted Turtle Drawing – Finished

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Painted Turtle

Painted Turtle

My painted turtle drawing is done. 

This drawing is available as a print in my store, and is also present in my DeviantArt Gallery.  It is available on various merchandise in my online stores: in Society6, Redbubble, CafePress, Zazzle and FineArtAmerica.  If you would like to see this image on a specific product that it is not currently on, please E-mail Me and let me know!

This was a learning experience for sure!   I have always had a love for turtles, and I enjoy watching them swim and sun themselves at ponds, lakes and rivers. My husband’s favorite animal is the turtle, and I promised him I would draw him one!  I don’t think he was expecting it in a psychedelic style, but he likes it just the same.This drawing has been a challenge for me.  This is the first time I have used Prismacolor’s neon pencils, and they do not blend as nicely as their other pencils.  But the colors are spectacular! 

Unfortunately, neon and fluorescent colors do not translate well into a digital format.  However, I was able to get a fairly good representation.  Scanning with my Epson scanner made the colors both too light and too dark at the same time.  Photographing it provided other challenges, such as colors that are too greyed and washed out. I photographed the image with my camera by taping the drawing on a black background (in this case, my portfolio) and setting it in indirect sunlight.  Using this method, with minimal digital editing produced a fairly good image with good colors as true to life as possible.

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