Painted Turtle Work In Progress Part 3

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Painted Turtle WIP 3

Painted Turtle WIP 3

Continued work in progress on the Painted Turtle. I finished the rock, which looks like a trippy tie dye thing! I am pleased with the way it turned out. I will start work on the water and reflections, and finish the background. I have to extend the body just a bit so it does not look like he is floating above the rock. I have learned a lot about image processing scanning the progress. The more white is in an image, the more the colors will be off. Once I start filling up the background, the colors scan or photograph more true to life. The large area of white throws off the white balance and makes some colors darker than they should be, and others washed out. I have learned how to correct it somewhat in Paint Shop but it still does not look like the actual in person drawing.

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