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I finally broke down and installed a blog on this site. I figured this is a good way to keep updates and relevant news on this site as well as a way to interact with my visitors. I will be posting here similarly as to my Facebook page, with important site updates, new image posts, works in progress, news and other general announcements. In other news, in the past few days several updates have been made to the main site.

I have added a Shopping Cart to my website, so prints and other merchandise can be purchased directly from my website, rather than going to another site like Zazzle. You still have that option if you are looking for something specific that is not in the shop (like clocks, for instance). In this store, you can purchase prints (regular, canvas, metal, framed, acrylic, and posters), cell phone cases, greeting cards, t-shirts, throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, and tote bags. All images in the gallery that have prints enabled with have a Buy Now button at the bottom of the description (in progress) that leads to the shop.

I have updated the rewrite in the site so that the url’s (addresses) of the pages are more straight forward. Instead of something with a question mark and a string of nonsense numbers and letters, it now is a descriptive title of the piece, which not only makes search engines happy it also makes people who bookmark my pages happy. It may not make a huge difference to people visiting my website, but to SEO (search engine optimization) it is vital.

My website uses PHP and a MySQL database to generate the web pages on the fly. This means there are no static HTML webpages. This cuts down on server space as well as makes the pages load faster and also makes it easier to make changes. I only have to change a single template file rather than hundreds of individual HTML pages if I want to add something to the layout.

In addition, I have enabled acceleration and template caching so the pages will load much faster than they had in the past.

I have also added a search feature to the main page, and keywords at the bottom of every image page. If you click on these keywords, it will take you to a generated gallery with images that contain these keywords as well, such as “wolves”.

If anyone has any input to the functionality of this website (things that can be improved, features added) please feel free to let me know, either in the comments or by sending me an e-mail.

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