Colorful Animal Artwork of Rebecca Wang

~Psychedelic Zen~

Colorful and Stylized Animals and Fantasy Artwork of Rebecca Wang

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About This Site

Welcome to Psychedelic Zen, the online art gallery of Rebecca Wang. I am a traditional artist who works mostly in colored pencil and pastels.

My artwork is divided into galleries based on style and subject.  They are mostly divided by subject.  Some of the galleries contain commission-only work and some contain art that is available as prints.

In the first gallery you will find colorful and stylized animal drawings. The second gallery contains my Chinese Zodiac animal series. The third gallery, Fantasy, contains Asian mythological creatures such as dragons and phoenixes.  The fourth gallery has a collection of colorful mandalas and sacred geometry.  The fifth gallery features realistically drawn animals and wildlife.  The sixth gallery is for Pet Portraits, and contains both commissioned drawings and originals for sale. The next gallery is for commissioned label designs.  Finally, in the last gallery titled Private Commissions is for miscellaneous commissions that do not fit elsewhere.

Online Stores, Commissions, Blog and Social Media

Most of my designs are also available as prints and on other merchandise in my online stores.  Please click on the tab Shop above to see the products available through my store. I have more products available from my other online stores. You can see them listed above in the Online tab, or you can click here to read about them.  If you are interested in commissioning me to draw for you, please Contact Me!  Also, I maintain a Blog on a regular basis where I will post about news, articles, artwork, and information about my stores and products.  My blog is very active, with posts about twice per week.

Finally, I am on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, Google+, and Pinterest.  Please be sure and follow me on these social media sites to keep up to date on my latest art and news!

Most of all, I hope you enjoy my art!